Caution’s control bar delivers the perfect balance between function, performance and durability. This one size fits all bar offers adjustable length bar ends, an adjustable length spectra trim line with an on the fly stopper ball, and our proven spring tensioned quick release. The control surface of the bar features a new bar grip with contours between the riders fingers and stamped texture for better grip and comfort. The depower system routes the safety line through the center of the quick release to offer cleaner operation with a simple and functional integration of the quick release and safety system. The quick release doubles as a swivel, so that riders can untwist the center lines from below the bar instead of relying on an out of reach swivel above the power strap. We use a high density plastic insert at the center of the bar for trim line longevity and our above the bar power adjustment strap allows reliable and easy on the fly adjustments to the kite’s power range. With an adjustable throw length, riders with shorter arms can keep the power strap and full sheeting range within a comfortable distance. All our core riders are raving about the form and function of the Control Bar with all its new features, and our latest evolution continues to define the limits of function and high performance.

The most important feature of a control bar is the quick release. Our spring tensioned quick release ensures a uniform amount of resistance every time. Our spinable red color coded push away quick release allows access from any direction to maximize the opportunity to release. The trim loop is designed as a single assembly, eliminating the risk of loosing parts and allowing riders to reload with ease. The red safety depower line is routed through the center for clean operation.

The Caution bar travels along a spectra trim line for friction free sheeting of the kite. The red on-the-fly cruise control stopper can be set at any sheeting point, which is great for saving your arms on long tacks, or for imitating C-kite freestyle performance. The stopper maintain the bar’s position in powered conditions, but allows riders to push away if complete depower is needed. The Spectra trim line allows riders to easily customize the throw length to their personal preference.

One bar fits all sized kites in the Spitfire lineup because adjustable length bar ends allow riders to change the length of the bar to gain additional leverage when using larger kites. In a few seconds the effective length of the bar is adjusted by simply sliding the floats up and removing the spectra larks head from the outboard lead, pulling the inboard lead out and reconnecting the larks head and sliding down the float once again, switching between 47cm and 56cm length options.

The Caution bar is ergonomically sculpted to give our riders the most comfortable kiting experience. Using durable but plush EVA foam, we imprinted our logo for texture on the left side of the bar and built in knuckle grips for comfort. Every aspect of the bar is clearly color coded, including the floats and bar ends. The center of the bar comes with a high grade replaceable plastic inserts and our rigging is completely rebuildable so you can get years of use out just one bar.