Caution’s Trespass 5’10″ is Caution’s medium sized performance board featuring all new PVC/Bamboo construction. The 5’10″ delivers the performance of the Trespass 5’5″ with increased width and volume for performance oriented larger riders. The 5’10″ was designed to excel in medium to large waves, and feels quick and nimble for lighter wind days. The 5’10″ has a fast and lively feel through the water, very similar to the 5’5″ but offers more volume and float for increased glide. The 5’10″ excels in down the line type wave riding but is also super fun in smaller sloppy conditions. Our team riders and core customers are raving about this board, and without a doubt it’s definitely worth a test drive.

New for this year, the Trespass line comes in Epoxy PVC construction with Bamboo reinforced top decks which offers our classic shapes with weight saving performance oriented construction, while ensuring greater durability and longevity. Each board comes with large sized deckpads for easy footwork, adjustable foot straps and future fins. The Trespass models are the hands down best shape and we know this because our boards have been coveted by team riders and customers alike for eight years now. Ride what our team rider’s love, and take your riding to a whole new level.

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Much like the 5’5″, the rails are shaped with tight, progressively soft to hard through the tail. The soft mid section gives the board some glide through the bottom turn, and the harder edge through the tail gives our riders control when they snap more aggresive turns off the bottom or top

The 5’10″ offers the perfect blend between speed and control. The single to double concave hull thrives in kitesufing conditions, the single concave gives the board drive through the mid section and the subtle double concave keeps the tail loose and snappy.

Each board comes with our adjustable length foot straps and three self tapping inserts for getting your stance perfectly dialed. Our straps are soft and slim giving you a comfortable locked in feel for the contour of your foot.

Every Caution board comes with our full sized two-part deck pad, which our riders rave about because of the larger foot space and comfort. Deck pads come with a kick at the tail to keep your back foot on the board for strapless riding