Below you will find cost estimates of our repair services. These estimates should be used as a general guide and the actual cost of repair may vary depending on the size of the job, the extent of the damage, or if customers create additional work for our repair staff. Please keep in mind that we almost ALWAYS repair instead of replace bladders, so please do not remove the bladder from your kite as installing bladders is labor cost.

We have the tools to repair any leaking/blown bladder saving you the cost of a replacement bladder.

If any valve of your kite has a leak we can repair or replace the valve with Airtime OEM products.

Partial Canopy repairs are easy repairs where the tear does not go through the dacron frame of the Leading Edge or struts.

Full Canopy tears travels the length of the kite and requires significant labor to properly line up separated panels.

LE + Bladder Repair requires a complete repair of the leading edge dacron as well as a complete repair of the blown bladder.

We can repair worn sections or the entire bridal with grey spectra to match your existing

Pigtails tend to wear over time, we can repair pigtails with stock spectra or make custom lengths.

By far the most labor intensive repair, when the tear extends accross the canpopy and into the LE dacron and bladder.