The SPITFIRE is caution’s fourth generation high depower SLE kite technology for the latest blend between mind blowing performance, flying reliability, and construction durability. We are building the best kite on the market, whether you ride the surf, launch old school freestyle, or unhook and pass the handle, you will find the stability, quickness, sheeting feel unsurpassed by any of other style of kite.

When it comes to performance in wave and free-ride equipment our competitive advantage is 15 years of kite design and building experience. The Caution R&D process is rooted both in computer modeling and hands on craftsmanship, which allows our design team to use both the latest technology and construction techniques in our state of the art factory, while crafting performance into our kites the old fashioned way with uncompromising focus on equipment feel, durability and long sessions.

The Spitfire lineup comes in 6m/8m/10m/12m/14m sizing. The ballanced airframe offers the highest spread between low-end and hig-end performance. Our five strut inflatable frame allows each kite to offer the rider control and steering response when in overpowered/under-sheeted situations. The efficient leading edge profile allows the spitfire to fly farther forward in the window which allows the kite to build greater apparent wind and impressive low end from faster window speed.

The spitfire combines C-Style steering and across the window performance with unprecedented depower. All types of kiting, whether it be waves, freestyle, or free-kiting are improved when the kite depowers in an even and predictable manner. The Spitfire’s inflatable frame geometry and canopy profile allow the center pivot point to move as far forward without rendering the kite unstable, making the Spitfire incredibly user friendly and fun for all users.

Caution uses the best materials on the market and strengthens all key load points for sudden impacts and longterm abuse. The Spitfire uses a new double ripstop trailing edge, which eliminates the use of Dacron and reduces flutter while increasing trailing edge longevity. In terms of kite construction, Caution’s competitive advantage is running our own repair facility giving us invaluable insight into kite wear and the ability to strike the best balance between durability and lightweight performance.

Caution has always designed products with the core value that all design features be based in simplicity and pure function. Because of our core design principles we’ve always built dedicated 4 line kites. With the introduction of SLE bridals, we have always used short tangle free bridal systems that reduce the risk of tangling in the waves and other unanticipated situations. In addition, each bridal utilizes a solid one-piece chainblock pulley which offers low friction pivot points without any complex mechanical points of failure.